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luce dell'amoreWelcome to Luce Dell'Amore our unique trulli organic olive farm near Alberobello, Puglia, Italia.  We are currently restoring the property and hope to complete it by early 2015.



Why call our site Romantic Puglia? 

After 10 years of searching for an idyllic place to live we discovered Puglia and fell in love with the people, the pace of life, the land, the sky and the trees. See - Romance and Creativity


                                                                                                           Luce Dell'Amore




Some people describe Puglia as scruffy, rural and undeveloped and at first sight that is a fair impression, but scratch the surface and you will find the most generous and loving people with a quality of life envied by many.  For us it is the closest thing to nirvana we have ever encountered.

To give you an idea of what makes Puglia special see The Passion of Puglia



 The Story so far....


During our search to find a place to live we looked at many properties, some grand, some beautiful, but none felt right.  Then we discovered Luce Dell’Amore, a neglected run down trullo that would need total restoration. 

It was not isolated as we had originally looked for but totally original, with its own olive grove and the land and buildings had an energy of their own. It felt so right and we soon realised that this was a place where we would be happy.


  As you can see from the above pictures, the unrestored property was beautiful and rustic, so we had to make sure that during restoration this beauty was not lost.  We did this by only using original materials where possible and also finding an Italian stonemason with over 50 years experience.  It was a labour of love, with many challenges, where it would have been far easier and cheaper to use modern materials but we believe that the rustic charm has been kept whilst creating a beautiful home - The Property

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